Although I use my Windows Phone 7 device primarily for work-related tasks, there is nothing wrong with having some fun once in a while. This article lists five of my favorite entertainment apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

1: Airhorn Ultimate Free

As the name implies, this app lets you use your phone as an air horn. So why did this seemingly lame app make my list of favorite entertainment apps? Well, when my cats get out of line, there is no more effective feline disciplinary tool than an air horn. No matter how many times I do it, it always cracks me up to see just how quickly an unexpected air horn blast can break up a cat fight.

2: SkyMap

Some people might consider this one to be more an educational app than an entertainment app. But I have always enjoyed astronomy, so I find this app to be fun. It uses the phone’s various sensors to display a sky map that matches the stars you’re looking at in real life. As you move the phone, the map automatically scrolls so that the phone’s display always shows you which stars are in front of you.

3: TruthOrDare

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit juvenile and lowbrow. But in my mind, Truth or Dare is the greatest party game ever invented. As you might expect, this Windows Phone 7 app generates Truth or Dare questions.

That alone would make this a fun app, but there are two things I really like about it. First, it has a ratings feature. You can choose to receive questions ranging from completely innocent to some that would make a sailor blush (or anything in between). The other cool thing about this app is that it is fully customizable. If you have some truths or dares of your own, you can easily add them to the list.

4: Phone Tracker

This app is a lot of fun for messing with some of your more gullible friends. It allows you to put in the number of any cell phone and then uses GPS to display the phone’s location on a map.

The reason this counts as an entertainment app is that it doesn’t really do what it pretends to do. When you put in your friend’s phone number, the app actually displays your GPS location — not your friend’s location. However, since your friend is likely standing right next to you, your location and your friend’s location are the same. To make the effect a bit more convincing, the app even overlays the phone number you have entered on top of the map. Unless your friends are tech savvy, they will probably think that you really do have the ability to track their every movement from your phone.

5: Direct Remote

Direct Remote allows your phone to act as a DIRECTV remote. What makes this one so much fun is that DIRECTV receivers all use a standard remote. Therefore, you can use this app to control not only your own DIRECTV receiver, but also that of unsuspecting friends. Bored with the football game your friend is watching? Change the channel to something more entertaining without ever reaching for the remote. Your friend will probably think that their receiver is malfunctioning.

Other entertainment apps?

What other apps do you turn to for a little recreation? Share your picks with your fellow TechRepublic members.