One of the nice things about Windows Phone 7 is that it has an integrated Zune application that lets you access your music and video collection while you are on the go. Not surprisingly, there are numerous apps you can use to extend the phone’s multimedia capabilities. In this article, I will talk about five multimedia apps I find to be especially fun.

1: World Radio

Being able to listen to the radio over the Internet is nothing new. Even so, I really like the World Radio app. It lets you pick from more than a thousand radio stations from all over the world. The app lets you search for stations, and you can also browse the stations from each individual country. You can even build a favorites list of radio stations from around the world.

2: Super Tube

If you have ever tried to use YouTube on Windows Phone 7, you know that although you can play YouTube videos, the overall experience is a bit lacking. Super Tube is an app that is designed to give you a more full-featured YouTube experience. Not only can you watch YouTube videos, but you can manage your channel subscriptions. Even more important, you can upload videos to YouTube directly from your phone. The icing on the cake is that Super Tube allows you to download YouTube videos to your phone, and you can even sync downloaded videos to your PC.

3: Private Video

Private Video is designed to help you keep the personal content that is stored on your phone private. If you have videos you don’t want others to watch, you can use Private Video to lock those videos with a PIN. It doesn’t matter whether the video is already stored on your phone or you just shot it using the phone’s built in camera. Either way, you can use Private Video to lock it.

4: Movie Vault — Classic Films

We all know that Netflix members can use the Netflix app to stream movies to their phone. But what about those who don’t have a Netflix membership? Movie Vault is kind of a Netflix alternative. The app, which costs $1.99, links you to an online library of more than 1,000 movies you can watch on your phone. There are no subscription fees and there is nothing else to buy. As the app’s name implies, the movies tend to be older ones, but even so it’s hard to complain about free movies.

5: PicoLyrics

PicoLyrics turns your phone into a karaoke machine. Just play any song from your music library and then launch PicoLyrics while the song is playing. The app will display the song’s lyrics and scroll them as the song plays, just like a commercial karaoke machine.