Five inexpensive mobility-centric stocking stuffers

Pressed for time or ideas, Jack Wallen has a few inexpensive gifts you can grab up as mobility-centric stocking stuffers for the geeks on your list.

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It's that time. Actually that time is winding down, so you're probably scrambling for gift ideas for either friends, family, employees...anyone. If you happen to have stockings to fill - and those stockings happen to belong to go'ers dependent upon their mobile devices - mobile-centric stocking stuffers are always a good idea.

So I've gathered a few items that fit the the following simple criteria:

  • They won't even remotely break the bank
  • They work with (or to enhance) mobile devices

Without further delay (because I know you're in a hurry to get something - anything - ordered), let's get to the goods.

iClever portable bluetooth keyboard

Coming in at under $35.00 USD, the iClever portable bluetooth keyboard is actually a rather clever bit of tech. Encased in a thin aluminum body, it folds out into a decent enough sized keyboard that you can type quickly and reliable on, without having to depend on your smartphone or tablet screen for tapping out that email or spreadsheet. Once you're done, fold it up and shove it back in your briefcase or backpack. The keyboard is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows and allows you to switch between three different devices. The keys are slightly cramped, but when you're looking for a packable, portable keyboard, that's to be expected.

Figure A
Image: Jack Wallen

Aukey rugged waterproof bluetooth speaker

Before I say one word about the Aukey speaker, I should remind you that I am an audiophile who has yet to find a bluetooth speaker capable of producing seriously high quality sound. That being said, the Aukey rugged waterproof bluetooth speaker is a decent little speaker for what it is - something you'd take outside with you, regardless of weather. The sound is typical for a bluetooth speaker (it'll rival any of the similarly-priced bluetooth speakers on the market - just under $25.00 USD). But quality sound isn't why you'd buy this particular speaker. First's waterproof (but don't submerge it). Second off, it has a unique metal stand that also allows you to hook the speaker to a pack or beltloop (with a carabiner or the included leather strap). This enables you to take the little speaker on a walk or hike or whatever/wherever you need to do. Yes, the design of the speaker is a bit odd, but the rubber "tire" makes this thing pretty rugged.

Figure B
Image: Jack Wallen

Anker Multi-Angle Stand

If you're looking for a stand that'll support tablets and smartphones, in a couple of configurations, so you can attend a Google Hangout or Facetime Chat (without having to hold your device) or just be able to interact with your device a bit more efficiently at your desk, the Anker Multi-Angle Stand is a solid choice. Before you rush to buy, know this is not a charging station. It is a stand and only a stand. But it's well built and does it's job. Best of all, this little stand is only $9.99 USD. The stand will hold phones as small as a Moto X and tablets as large as a Samsung Galaxy Tab without worry of the device tumbling over.

Figure C
Image: Jack Wallen

MediaDevil Simdevil 3-in-1 SIM adapter

This may sound like an odd stocking stuffer, but with the likelihood of users starting to purchase unlocked phones, chances are they'll need a SIM adapter to go from nano to micro SIM - so why not the MediaDevil Simdevil? And considering many of those you'd buy for probably belong to the nerd-herd, they might already have grand designs of picking up that OnePlus X or any other unlocked phone. To that end, they'll need this. Or, maybe you've actually purchased that user the unlocked phone of their dreams. That being the case, be prepared with an adapter kit like this. It'll only set you back less than $7.00 USD.

iClever BoostCube 4-port rapid charger

Those you are buying mobility-centric gifts for probably have more than one device they charge on their desk. Instead of them using up multiple outlets for these devices, why not gift them a 4-port charger by iClever. It's inexpensive (under $20.00 USD) and does a great job of keeping four devices charged at once. This charger offers 40 Watt/8A output through 4 USB ports and allows you to charge any combination of USB-compatible devices. The BoostCube is also smaller than a lot of similar devices, meaning it can be more discretely placed on a desk or counter.

You don't have to go broke stuffing stockings. And as there are myriad little gadgets and devices available for you to choose from, there is never a lack of items to be had. If you go for any one (or more) of these items as stocking stuffers, you can't go wrong.

What's your favorite stocking stuffer this year?

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