Today’s software companies are scrambling to anticipate the needs of the enterprise and to develop innovative and effective e-business solutions. This article will point you to a few of the more noteworthy software vendors, with links to recent Corporate Profiles describing each company.

Dealing with customers
Chordiant Software gives you a better way to deal with multiple customer touch points—e-mail, your Web site, telephone, call center, and your brick-and-mortar store. This customer relationship management (CRM) software vendor integrates all the information about a customer from different data sources. Check out TR’s profile of this company.

Managing corporate information
2Bridge Software is a San Francisco-based knowledge management and portal development company whose software includes features such as MyView and MyWork, which give customized views of business information and workflow. This software allows employees and customers to personalize their access to critical business information. TechRepublic took a brief look at this company. Click here to read it.

Managing an extended workforce
Vivant! Corporation is the company to look at when you have an extended workforce, including contractors, consultants, and temporaries. Vivant! has developed a 100% Web-enabled, extended workforce management system that will help reduce your costs. Learn more about this company here .

Helping your customers with e-commerce
PDG Software Inc . designs, markets, and sells shopping cart software. So, if you want to automate the online ordering process on your Web site, check out our report on this company.

Building your brick-and-mortar company
San Francisco software firm Bidcom has created an Internet-based project management platform called In-Site. The product allows collaboration between the key players in a building project, including designers, architects, contractors, realtors, developers, facilities managers, and clients. Fortune calls it one of the “coolest companies of 1999,” and Red Herring says Bidcom is one of the top 100 companies of the electronic economy. Click here to learn more.
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