As the cloud grows, and more people wind up managing more and more cloud storage services, the necessity to more easily manage those cloud services increases. I bounce around from three to five such services, and if it weren’t for the right tools, I’d be scrambling around like a rat in a maze. Thankfully there are plenty of available tools that can help you easily manage those services.

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Of course, not all such tools are created equal. Some are web-based, some are desktop based, some can help you manage what seems like an endless stream of services, and some are limited to a few. Let’s take a look at five such apps/sites that can help you keep your sanity with regards to syncing all of your cloud storage services. In order to make this list, each app needed to be able to sync (or backup) multiple cloud storage services, be easy to use, and be cost-effective.

Five Apps

1. Otixo

Otixo is a web-based tool for serious cloud users. Think of Otixo as a file manager for all of your cloud services and even your social networking accounts. Supported services include: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SugarSync, CX, Facebook, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, and many more. One of the best features of this great service is the ability to quickly copy and paste between services. With this handy web-based tool, you can access all of your configured cloud services with a single password. You can also launch files directly from Otixo and use the built-in previewer tool. Cost of Otixo is $4.99 USD per month.

2. Hojoki

Hojoki is an Android- and IOS-based team-building, collaborative tool that allows you to manage and collaborate in over thirty different cloud-based services (including Basecamp, Box, Dropbox, Evernote,  Google Drive, SkyDrive, Twitter). Hojoki also allows you to do messaging between collaborators, manage tasks, get notifications from your connected applications, create workspaces, and see everything in one, easy to use dashboard. Hojoki offers two plans: Free (up to five workspace members) and Premium ($5.00/month USD for unlimited workspace members).

3. Primadesk

Primadesk allows you to manage your accounts from your mobile device or you desktop web browser and supports plenty of services (4Shared, Adrive, AOL, Box, Comcast Mail, Cubby, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Skydrive, Sugarsync, Twitter, and many more). With the web-based dashboard you can check email, check the status of your backed up cloud services, check the status of your shares, enable one-click sign-on, and much more. The free account allows you to manage ten services and gives you 1GB of backup storage. The Pro account ($5.00/month) allows you to manage unlimited services and gives you 10GB of backup storage. The Premium account ($10.00/month) allows you to manage unlimited services and gives you 30GB of storage space.

4. Cloudfuze

Cloudfuze is a desktop app that offers a single sign-on for your cloud-based services. Cloudfuze can connect Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync and even FTP together. With these services in sync, you can edit, rename, create folders, drag and drop between your desktop and the Cloudfuze file manager, and share their contents. One handy feature is that Cloudfuze allows you to selectively sync files and folders across your cloud services. Cloudfuze is free and available for Windows XP, 7, and Windows Server 2008.

5. GoodSync

GoodSync works as a file manager and allows you to not only sync computers and folders, but cloud services and folders in one, easy to use, interface. GoodSync can help you to backup: Windows shares, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, SFTP, Google Drive, Windows Azure, Amazon Cloud Drive, SkyDrive, and WinMobile. You can copy/paste between accounts (though you cannot drag and drop). You can create as many connections as you like with GoodSync. The application runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS. The app costs $29.95 for Windows, and $39.95 for all other platforms (including a portable Windows version).

Bottom line

Whether you are looking for a desktop app, a web-based app, or a mobile app, it is possible to more easily manage your various cloud-based storage services with the help of one of these tools. Each tool listed is either free or offers a free trial, so you can quickly find out which best meets your specific needs.

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