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Five tools to simplify your job search, resume blasts

Use one of these downloadable tools from to jump-start and enhance your Internet job search.

With a plethora of job sites, several versions of your resume, and a limited amount of time; it's no wonder that tracking your job search is a big, confusing job. offers many free or free-to-try tools to help you keep your job search active and organized. Check out the following tools:

Tools from

  • Job Search Engine Spider Software 4.0
    This tool from the Gelb Organization allows you to search an unlimited number of job listing sites, newspapers, etc. You may also find resources to improve your resume and improve your interviewing techniques.
    OS: Windows (all)
    File Size: 1.96MB
    License: Free to try; $17.95 to buy
  • Job Search Pro 3.0
    Automate your Internet job search with this tool from Epeltech Technologies. It allows you to store multiple resumes, extract contact information from job postings, and automatically send your resume.
    OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
    File Size: 20.47MB
    License: Free to try, $89.00 to buy
  • EZ-Jobs Tracker 1.3.11
    Organize your job search activities with this tool from EZ-Jobs Software. It allows you to mass mail your cover letter and resume to employers in your specified industry, location, and field.
    OS: Windows (all)
    File Size: 7.68MB
    License: Free to try, $24.90 to buy
  • FastJob 1.01
    YIWU GAN designed this tool to handle hundreds of job applications using various versions of your resume and cover letter. It also provides tools to schedule and log your phone calls, e-mails, and follow-up letters.
    OS: Windows (all)
    File Size: 16.22MB
    License: Free to try, $49.99 to buy
  • JobFish 2004 build 578
    This program from ButterflyVista allows you to create and maintain a custom resume for each job application with just a few clicks. Track and manage lists of recruiters, download recruiting firm contacts, job boards, and interview questions from ButterflyVista's database or import your existing contacts from Outlook or a CSV text file, and track your interactions with each.
    OS: Windows (all)
    File Size: 15.74MB
    License: Free to try, $54.99 to buy

What tool do you use to keep your job search organized?

Do you have a favorite tool or method that allows you to keep your job hunting structured and under control? If so, don't keep it a secret! Post your recommendations in the discussion below.

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