Five ways to find out which premium mobile apps have gone free

Some of the best apps for iOS and Android cost money. Developers know cost can be a barrier, and many of them occasionally offer their apps for free. Here's how to get notified.

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Wondering where to get updates on apps that have gone free? Consider these five options for iOS and Android discounts.


If you're looking to track sales from specific developers or a particular app then AppZapp is a good choice. It has an app for both Android and iOS that features reviews, a community to see what people are talking about, and custom alert setups.

AppZapp is free on iOS and Android, so don't hesitate to check it out if you're looking for an easy way to track app sales.


IFTTT is a workflow app and web platform that can be customized to do almost everything. I actually use the AppZapp channel on IFTTT to get daily notifications about which iOS apps have gone free.

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IFTTT is easy to set up, especially if you're using a premade recipe like AppZapp's. Just open the app, find the AppZapp channel, add the recipe, and customize the alert--that's it.


AppAdvice is a website that only covers Apple products, but it's a thorough one. You can turn to them for Apple-related news, app reviews, and a thorough list of what has recently gone free.

AppAdvice isn't going to deliver news to your inbox or your iPhone's notifications screen, but it's worth a trip if you want reviews and reasons to install (or not install) an app that has just gone free,


This Android app provides a lot of features similar to AppZapp, but with a few additional ones. Developers give promo codes out on it pretty frequently, you can see price histories, and you can see what's trending in a nice, simple interface that mimics the look of the Google Play store.

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AppSales is free for Android devices, and it could potentially save you a lot of money. If you're tired of checking your wishlist to see which apps have dropped in price then check AppSales out.


This is a slightly smaller platform than the others: it doesn't notify you of stuff that's on sale or even give you a laundry list of stuff that's free. AppGratis is all about delivering one free app per day for both iOS and Android.

While it isn't as robust as some of the other platforms it's still valuable for those hunting for deals. A lot of popular--and unknown--apps are featured, so it's worth a daily visit to see what's being offered.

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