This post was originally published in the App Builder Blog in October 2011.

If you’re like me, you’re a serial bookmarker when it comes to using the web. Even if URLs could be remembered, why bother when you can just store them in a handy file for reference later? Even the earliest cellular phones had the ability to store phone numbers and with caller ID — this transformed into another form of bookmarking.

From my list of bookmarks, these are the five links that I consider essentials for iOS app developers. Be sure to help your fellow developers by listing your favorite iOS online resources in this post’s discussion.

1: Snipplr

Snipplr ( is one of my favourite code repositories. Snipplr offers snippets of code, which can be just as useful as having frameworks, components, or complete apps. Sometimes when you are trying to accomplish a specific function or task, Objective-C may present some challenges for writing something off-the-cuff. At Snipplr, your odds of finding an example of what you are trying to do are pretty good. Many times Snipplr pages will come up in the top results of web searches, so you can save yourself some extra steps by going directly to the site and checking there first.

2: ShareKit

ShareKit ( makes it incredibly easy for you to add sharing features to your app. I found it takes longer to create and configure your social site profiles and APIs than it does to actually integrate the code. This is an absolute must-have resource for any iOS developer because it makes social web integration easy, and it is a good resource for what social sites are popular and how they can be integrated into your app.

3: InAppsSettingsKit

All mobile developers will eventually face the need for application settings in their apps. If you want to keep the job simple from the start, InAppsSettingsKit ( is a great option and should be on your list.

4: GitHub’s Objective-C page

Although Objective-C only represents 2% of the content at GitHub, the Objective-C page ( is still a great resource for developers. If you are looking for some of the best known or most widely used libraries and frameworks, this is where you will find them.

5: CocoaDev

CocoaDev ( is an excellent resource for some more complete information about what you can do with iOS app development.