Once your users start using OWA under Exchange 2000 or
Exchange 2003, they’ll quickly get hooked on its impressive feature set, especially
under Exchange 2003. However, as your users roam to various computers, such as
those in their home, they may run into a problem. With Office 2000 installed on
some computers, your users may experience a constant error message indicating
that they need to install Office components in order to send or reply to a
message. Your user will get this error message quite a few times before they
are able to send their message. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

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There are two ways you can correct this error. First, you
can just follow the instructions and insert the Office CD that is being
requested. If you follow the instructions on the screen, your problem should be

However, not everyone has their installation CDs readily
available. Therefore, you can use Add/Remove programs to achieve a similar goal.
From this Control Panel, select Microsoft Office 2000 and add select the Change
button. Remove the feature HTML Source Editing. By default, this feature is set
to install on first use, which is the reason your users get the continual pop
ups. By removing this feature, you take away the problem and don’t need an
Office CD to do it.