Adobe staged its Max 2009 conference in LA this week. A number of announcements were made during the keynote, including that Flash is finally coming to the iPhone. Although iPhone’s Safari browser is not getting Flash support, applications built with Adobe Flash Professional CS5 will be able to run on the iPhone as stand-alone applications.

Another conference — Web Directions South — is also on in Sydney this week. You can find the photos from the event here.

Google’s Native Client (NaCl), previously only available as a browser plug-in, has now been integrated into the latest version of Chrome. The technology that allows web applications to run faster by taking advantage of the CPU’s processing power is currently only available for Windows.

A study by Iolo Technologies revealed that Windows 7 takes longer to boot than Vista. Speaking of Windows 7, if you’re dying for Steve Ballmer’s autograph on your copy of the operating system, you’ll need to host a Windows 7 house party.

As we wait for Windows 7 to come out, talk of Windows 8 is already emerging. The Redmond giant has also revealed plans to introduce a limited functionality “Starter” version of Office 2010 on new PCs.

In other news, RailCorp battled the Conficker virus, and while statistics released by Net Applications showed that IE8 usage has increased, overall IE usage has dropped.

— Posted by Lana Kovacevic.