Have you tried Flash Lite on your mobile yet? With the number of supported handsets on the rise, and Nokia and Adobe currently giving the player away free to developers, perhaps now’s the time.

Due to the large variety of operating systems and CPUs, licensing and hardware support has always been beholden on the handset manufacturer; this has meant that Nokia has been the only brand for some time with Flash Lite support.

We’ve recently seen new handsets from Sony Ericsson available here in Australia with Flash Lite 1.1 preinstalled. Samsung and LG have signalled their intention to support Flash Lite as well. Perhaps the really big news is that Motorola announced this month at 3GSM that they’ll be shipping handsets with Flash Lite preinstalled in the third quarter of this year.

More timely news for Australians is that Bill Perry, mobile and devices developer relations manager at Adobe, will be delivering one of the keynotes at WebDU in Sydney in early March with a number of Australian and New Zealand Flash Lite developers speaking at WebDU as well.