Like me, you’re probably not a fan of Flash’s browser-crashing ways, but if use is unavoidable at times, at least Adobe has made some progress with the release of Flash 10. According to Ars Technica, benchmarking tests show significant improvement in performance for Linux.

Adobe has cleared up a few Linux-specific bugs and added support features for Flash video. In addition, Adobe now offers a DEB package specifically designed for Ubuntu on the site, as well as RPM package and a binary tarball. Ars Technica concludes:

Adobe’s efforts to improve Flash on Linux and Mac OS X is a tacit acknowledgment of Apple’s rising marketshare and Linux’s modest success on netbooks. It is also a sign that Adobe is aiming to make Flash a stronger solution for cross-platform application deployment through its popular AIR runtime. This is further illustrated by Adobe’s commitment to AIR on Linux and recent decision to join the Linux Foundation.