Rival technologies Flash and Silverlight now both have new versions of their software. Shortly after the release of Silverlight 2, Adobe announced its Flash Player 10 was available for download. Silverlight — installed on one in four computers — lags behind Flash which continues to dominate the scene.

Ballmer says it’s OK for companies to wait for Windows 7, after a Gartner survey revealed 61 per cent of companies are planning not to deploy Vista at all. The next version of Windows, due in 2009 or early 2010 will keep its code name Windows 7, but it’s unclear how Microsoft arrived at seven for the version number.

In the world of open source, the beta version of Fedora 10 is now available. The final release is due on 25 November.

The high demand for the latest version of the OpenOffice — OpenOffice 3.0 — has crashed the servers hosting the product. The suite now has Mac OS X support and the ability to read OOXML documents.

The Red Hat chief executive Jim Whitehurst claims the global economic crisis will have a positive impact on open source software, as companies will be forced to cut-down on spending.

In blogs this week, Seth Rosenblatt wrote about some of the new features in the latest Firefox 3.1 beta 1 and how its new JavaScript engine makes it faster. I covered Opera’s Metadata Analysis and Mining Application (MAMA) — a new search engine for web developers.

On Club Builder this week, Gary Sinise shows you how to trace IPs in VB and Chris Duckett provides you with a list of things you can buy with the money you would have spent on the new Photoshop.

In other videos, we give you five Cisco IOS tips to save you time, how to create a bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP, and Steve Jobs talks about Apple’s next-generation MacBook Pro.

— Posted by Lana Kovacevic