TechRepublic members have cast their votes, and we’ve tallied the winners for the top 10 downloads of 2002. We’ve gathered the 10 most downloaded files from the IT Consultant Republic here for you to peruse. If you missed one of these great resources during the year, here’s a second chance.

Top 10 downloads

  1. Project plan template
    Microsoft Project can be unwieldy for small to midsize projects that don’t call for a full-scale plan. As an alternative, try this Excel project plan template created by a TechRepublic member.
  2. Sample IT due diligence report template
    Every good project manager knows it pays to do your homework. Organize the details of your client’s IT capabilities—including its staff and future plans—using this sample IT due diligence report template.
  3. Web-design client questionnaire form
    Get a handle on your clients’ design and development needs with this questionnaire written by a TechRepublic staffer with experience in the field. Use it to ensure that your clients are satisfied with the final product you create.
  4. Sample project proposal template
    This form addresses business and technological issues related to the creation of a new feature on a client’s Web site. Use it to justify why it’s necessary and what benefits it holds for your client.
  5. Explore this five-step workflow process in a PowerPoint presentation
    Inform, discover, plan, build, and evaluate are the five steps of the workflow process used successfully by software development firm Electronic Ink. Use this ready-made PowerPoint presentation to review the basics with new team members, or base your own process on its steps.
  6. Sample post-project documentation
    A post-project sign-off document can create an awareness of the service you’ve provided and gently remind clients that your service is complete. Download our sample post-project forms as a starting point for your own documentation.
  7. Microsoft Project 2000 template for application development
    A TechRepublic member submitted this template to help you organize projects in Microsoft Project 2000. The download includes a detailed Microsoft Project template geared toward application development with sections devoted to implementation and testing, among others.
  8. Technology leadership skills/experience matrix
    If you’re evaluating the qualifications of potential IT personnel for your client, this matrix can help you determine whether they have the right skills. It segments IT management into three broad job categories and assigns relative values to each required skill.
  9. Client site preparation checklist
    Set the stage for your next engagement by helping your clients understand what you need to work efficiently. This client site preparation checklist, compiled from members’ suggestions, will help make your first days at a client’s site more productive.
  10. Outline the services for your clients with a letter of intent
    A letter of intent is one of the first ways to set your clients’ expectations by outlining the services your firm will provide, the tasks you expect to complete, and the desired results. This letter of intent template can help solidify your agreements.