On Sunday night at the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, I caught up with Eric McCarty, vice president of mobile product marketing at Samsung Business US, to talk what the new features that the S9 and S9 Plus to appeal to professionals.

You can watch the video above or read the transcript below.

McCarty said, “We’re building on what we call the Galaxy Foundation, so including obviously IP68 the ability to use the device outside and in all the conditions, the expandable memory capabilities up to 400GB now, the powerful processing capabilities, and the fast charging, which allows you to keep the phone on all day long.

“More exciting, we’re expanding the capabilities that we started with DeX, our desktop experience. We started that with Galaxy S8, we expanded that with Note 8, and now we’ve expanded it even more with the Galaxy S9,” he said.

“With Galaxy S9, we’ve added the ability to improve the onscreen resolution, so to move up to a 2k experience onscreen, and we’ve also brought out what we call the DeX Pad,” added McCarty. “The DeX Pad now gives the user the ability to use the device as a mouse and a [virtual] keyboard, or you can still connect to a larger mouse and keyboard. And now by connecting out to the display, you really have the power of a mobile computing device and have the opportunity to replace the PC with the Galaxy S9.”

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“The camera’s awesome because it’s not just about personal pictures. It’s not just about capturing the birthday party or the pets, which everybody loves to post. It’s really about getting things done at work. So think about low-light environments that I might be working in if I’m a law enforcement agent or in manufacturing and I have these different conditions I have to deal with, but I still have to capture an image or a video. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have the best camera capabilities on the market of any device. It’s the camera reimagined with a great smartphone around it. That really allows you to get amazing things done at work,” he said.

“McCarty added, “Augmented reality is really fun on the personal side: I can do emojis, I can capture my own image. It’s more than an avatar. It actually interacts with me. But, it’s also amazing from a work perspective because AR and artificial intelligence have really evolved out of Bixby and the work we’re doing there. So something as simple for a business traveler as live translate, now I can just point the camera in text mode at a sign when I’m traveling and I know exactly what that means in English or any other language–up to 54 languages. Now I have the ability to really get more done when I’m traveling as a result of that.

“Or I can identify a place when I’m traveling as well if I need more information about that place, if I need directions on where to go. And all of that will now expand into the workplace as well so that I can identify parts as an example on a machine line. Or I can leverage the artificial intelligence on the device with Bixby to know more about my schedule or about those things I do on a regular basis. All of that combines to make a fantastic work experience.”