After the rather (flaming) topic on the behavior of Apple fans posted by fellow blogger Andy Moon yesterday, I think it’s time for something lighter. Forbes has drawn up a list of what it touts as an Apple’s fan most cherished items this year.

You can read the original article here, but here’s a summary of it:

  • The Sub-Notebook

Allegedly sporting a 12-inch to 13-inch screen with optional flash memory drive, LED backlighting and no optical drive. All for $1,500.

  • The Tablet

A tablet from Apple could serve as a satellite screen device within the home. It can connect wirelessly to an Apple computer, iPhone, or perhaps the AppleTV.

  • More iPhones

While almost a given that a 3G iPhone will be announced in 2008, questions abound about exactly when the new iPhone will arrive. Also, could there be a mini-iPhone in the cards?

If you were Steve Jobs, what would you develop next?