Everyone knows that Word automatically inserts new pages as you insert text and graphics. You don’t need to do a thing but add the content. However, you can manipulate where a page breaks yourself, if you want to. Simply choose Break from the Insert menu and click OK. Page Break is the default setting.

For the most part, you should avoid inserting page breaks and let Word take care of them for you. Manual page breaks quickly become a nuisance. As you update your document by inserting or deleting content you usually have to fix the manual page breaks.

However, there are times when you might want to force a page break before a specific paragraph. By associating the break with the paragraph, you can insert and delete all you like. To force a page break before a specific paragraph do the following:

  1. Click inside the paragraph in question.
  2. Choose Paragraph from the Format menu.
  3. Click the Line and Page Breaks tab.
  4. Select the Page Break Before option, and click OK.

In Word 2007, open the Paragraph dialog box by clicking the dropdown arrow at the bottom-right corner of the Paragraph group on the Home ribbon.

may2008blog9fig2r.jpgNow you can add and delete content before the paragraph or even move the paragraph and Word will still force a page break before that paragraph.