As I was reading through the TrainingRepubic e-mails and forums, I came across one that really caught my eye. One of our readers, Lofton Delgado, provided an excellent trick of the trade for Excel spreadsheets. This is one tip all trainers need to add to their bag of magic tricks for training in Excel.

So what’s the tip?
Here’s what Lofton had to say about Excel spreadsheet formulas:

“In the manufacturing environment where I teach, Excel spreadsheets become quite large and complex. Frequently a spreadsheet contains many formulas spread throughout. Normally, it is not possible to see all the cells that contain formulas and what the formulas are at a glance. However, if you press the control key and hold it down while pressing the tilde key [~], the spreadsheet shows all cells that contain formulas as well as the formulas themselves. This is also a printable view, so having displayed the formulas, you can print the spreadsheet for easy reference. To reverse the process simply press [Ctrl] and [~] again, and voila, the spreadsheet is back in original form. Hope you can use this.”

Thanks, Lofton, for sharing this tip with us.
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