Let me start by saying thanks to all of you who have taken the time to provide feedback to the articles and forums in the TrainingRepublic. We’ve had a lot of great activity and communication over the past several weeks.

As you’ve probably gathered, every week I try to highlight the forum topics or e-mails that seem to be the focus of conversation among our readers. This past week, I noticed an interesting topic in the Training forums. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to add your thoughts to the dialogue that’s taken place thus far.

So many things to learn
One of our readers posed the question:

“It’s a real jungle out there—New technologies, new programming languages, new tools, etc. SO MANY THINGS TO LEARN!… As a Software Developer who wants to be able to be IN DEMAND not only today, but for the next 10 years or so… Which particular skills should I master TODAY? In terms of…”

  • Programming Languages
  • Development Tools
  • Operating System
  • New Technologies

Just my $.02 worth, keep the change
Our first reader had the following suggestions:

Languages: Java, Visual Basic (don’t ignore VBA/VBScript)

Operating System: Linux & Windows 2000

New Technologies: Handhelds (Palm & CE), WebCommerce

“Just my $.02. Keep the change.”
The reader who posed the question then responded back with: “hmmm… I wonder why there is no mention of C++ anywhere. Is it going to be replaced by Java anytime in the next 5 years?” Readers, what do you think?
Stay informed and be flexible
Our next reader added these interesting comments:

“As you say with so many new technologies, new programming languages and new tools, it’s really difficult to advise you exactly which particular skill you should master today to be in demand tomorrow. And, please, don’t forget that in the technologies world things change very quickly and sometimes there are surprises, too! So… the best way I think is to react quickly and train new skills when you see things start changing in a certain area. I would advise you to keep always informed and be very flexible.”

This oughta keep you busy for a month or so
Our third respondent offered these thoughts:

Programming: Definitely Java, and Visual Basic, also Oracle

Development tools: Oracle is hot so look hard at Developer 2000 Operating Systems.

Client: Windows 2000 because MS isn’t going away, but I agree with #1, you better get to know Linux.

Server: NT is still strong, but when you are talking Internet stuff, UNIX and Linux are ruling the roost. And don’t forget about Novell, if LDAP stuff gets really hot, they have the best system out there.

New technologies: E-commerce will be the biggest internet technology for the next two years, and biometric systems for access to secure systems will be very big inside the next five years.

“That should be enough to keep you busy for a month or so huh?”
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