Curious about wireless networking? We’ve found four free online wireless resources to help you understand and follow wireless technology.

This article provides a brief overview of what you’ll find on each of these sites.

MobileInfo bills itself as a “one-stop Web site for mobile computing and wireless networking information.” And from my research, they’re right.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

  • Wireless network case studies.
  • Explanations of wireless networks, including links to vendors and white papers.
  • Free templates available via e-mail, including a wireless project plan template in MS Project and a business case template.
  • Application development tools.
  • A solution, vendor, and product guide.

The site contains so much information that you may have difficulty locating it all, so here’s a hint: Much of the most useful information is linked from the bottom half of the home page.
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Wireless-Nets Consulting
Wireless-Nets Consulting operates an Online Guide to Wireless Networking, a collection of articles and columns written primarily by wireless networking consultant Jim Geier, author of Wireless LANS.

The articles are written for an IT executive/management audience and cover all types of wireless technology. Topics covered include:

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WirelessReady Alliance is the Web site of the WirelessReady Alliance (WRA), a group formed by Sierra Wireless, Inc. to promote wireless data technology.

Here you’ll find tutorials for both the end user and the business manager. Solutions are explained and organized by industry and application. There’s also a directory of wireless hardware vendors, application vendors, integrators, service providers, and enterprise connectivity and application service providers; however, the directory only includes members of the alliance.

Wireless LAN Association
The Wireless LAN Association’s recently redesigned site includes a section for small businesses, enterprises, and a Learning Zone for research.

The small business and enterprise sections link directly to case studies and research in each of these markets. For more general information, check out the Learning Zone, where you’ll find white papers, research, and links to books available on

Newcomers to wireless will especially want to read “What is a Wireless LAN?” which provides an easy-to-understand overview of the technology and its uses.