In 2001, 255 publicly traded companies filed for bankruptcy—a number dramatically higher than ever before, according to, a Boston-based Web site that tracks corporate bankruptcies. Consequently, the name of the game for 2002 will be cost savings—both for your consulting firm and your clients.

While most are hopeful that an economic upswing is just around the corner, the current climate creates a demand for solutions with a quick and lucrative return on investment. TechRepublic members have submitted many ideas for our “IT on a Shoestring” series, and we’ve gathered the following four true tales of cost savings for your perusal. Implement them at your own firm or use them to help a monetarily challenged client.

Money-saving ideas from the IT trenches
Each of the articles listed below details the problem or problems a member has faced and the creative, cost-effective solution they put into action. The members were paid $50 each for sharing these real-life experiences.

  1. “Save a bundle by recycling computer parts”
    In this article, you’ll discover how Manny Lopez, an IT manager at The Galveston County Daily News in Galveston, TX, saved his business $1,300 by recycling computer components.
  2. “Use Web-based help desk to save money”
    Stuart Sabin not only saved his company nearly $20,000 annually, but he also improved customer service. This article details how he implemented the use of a free online customer-service tool and details the reaction of his customers.
  3. “How one IT specialist saved his agency $50,000”
    Using three cost-cutting solutions, Omar Morales saved his not-for-profit agency a total of $50,000. Find out how he fulfilled his organization’s need for new PCs, an updated phone system, and more storage on the cheap.
  4. “How one government IS manager saved $60,000 in recruiting fees”
    Mike Martin, IS manager for the city of Dayton, OH, had to find a way to hire skilled technical employees while keeping recruiting costs under control. He negotiated a shrewd deal with local recruiters that provided four major benefits, including up to $20,000 in savings annually for each employee hired.

A penny saved is a penny earned

If you think you’ve got an idea that other consultants can implement, send it to us. If we use your story, we’ll pay you 50 bucks. Now that’s a return on investment!