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Do you dread software libraries? Do you hate trying to find a top-notch shareware application or utility in a sea of names and mediocre Internet programs? Do you want a site where you can cut to the chase? It's your lucky day! Check out Bruce Spencer's review of 5 Star Shareware.

Hunting down a good piece of software can be a pain in the net. Everyone knows that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of major download sites where you can pick up software. Unfortunately, many download sites are loaded with software you don’t need, like games, .gifs, quirky little end-user utilities, and Palm and Macintosh applications—not exactly what a Windows system administrator needs.

Sifting through the junk at most download sites is often an exercise in how to waste time. But there’s a shareware site out of the UK that can help you solve this problem. It’s called 5 Star Shareware.

The 5 Star Shareware Web site is a software library that archives only the best Internet-related shareware and freeware for Windows 95/98/2000 and NT platforms. This software library has hundreds of Internet software packages and provides a search engine for querying the site. But 5 Star Shareware also makes browsing for software easy with two subject category lists, one for shareware and one for freeware.

Looking for a McAfee or Norton antivirus .dat update? Just click the AntiVirus Updates category, and there it is. The shareware section has categories for a variety of applications, utilities, add-ons, tools, readers, accessories, and clients for covering antivirus topics, browsers, connections, e-mail, .html, graphics, Usenet, security, and more. And if you want yet another method to help you find great software, 5 Star Shareware includes a list of the top 100 downloads, as well as the site’s own 5-star picks.

One more thing about 5 Star Shareware: The site’s Webmasters are not afraid of competition. This Web site links to a number of other great software download sites, so if you don’t find the software you want at 5 Star Shareware, you’ve got several additional excellent resources a mere click away. Just take a look at some of the sites for which 5 Star Shareware provides links:

You can also query 5 Star Shareware with a search engine or browse it by more than 60 subject categories. Some 44 are for shareware, and there are 19 more for freeware. The site also offers an e-mail newsletter discussing the latest Windows Internet applications.

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