Attention Geek Trivia fans: Start using digg, reddit, and to pimp my columns!

One of my professional goals for the year 2006 is to get the

buzz-factor up on Geek Trivia. While I could do a lot of work and hit

up some potential syndication partners myself, I’d rather just abuse

the power of my office, my audience, and all the consensus promotion

tools on the Net. Now, I have just barely enough professional ethics to

be above submitting my own stuff to these sites–that qualifies as

shameful self-promotion (and probably wouldn’t work anyway)–but if any

of my readers use these services and wouldn’t mind tossing my name in

the mix, I’m not above begging for (or bribing) the help.

Whichever TR member successfully submits the most Geek Trivia to the

above and similar services will get a

can’t-buy-it-because-we-don’t-sell-it TechRepublic Smug Mug. For extra credit, you can go back into the archives

and digg all my old Geek Trivia columns, too. To prove your work, just

post a comment to this thread that includes the link to your profile

page on digg, reddit,, etc, like this one for the digg user ebrage.

The profile with the most obvious (non-scientifically measured) Geek

Trivia pimpage earns the mug. I’ll monitor this thread until the late

March, so the “winning” member can get the mug as an April Fool’s Joke

(not guaranteed to arrive by April 1).

Ladies and gentlemen, start your pimpin’!