Free online Office resources to raise your game

Whether you're trying to build a solution, solve a vexing problem, or expand your skill set, these Office resources will prove invaluable.


One of the best things about Microsoft Office is its abundance of free online resources. Regardless of your expertise level, you'll find something to appreciate. Last year I put together a list of a few favorites; now it's time to revisit the offerings and look at some additional possibilities.

Office Dev Center

Kick off the New Year off by learning about Office 2016 and Office 365. The latter offers new development opportunities across many 365-compatible platforms, and Microsoft's support site is the best place to start. If it's a bit over your head at first, try the Training option on the Resources tab for a variety of Getting Started tutorials. Or if you want a direct route into developer content for Office, visit Office developer documentation.

Peltier Tech Blog

Jon Peltier is tops in the industry for supporting Excel. Not only will you find free content and other resources in his blog, Jon is great at reporting industry news in a timely manner. If you're supporting Excel users, you should definitely check Jon's site on a regular basis.


FMS has been supporting Access for years. Its professional products are top-notch. (I have no financial interest in the company and receive no compensation in any form.) It also offers a lot of free articles on a number of Access solutions, bugs, and other issues. If you're an Access user or developer, be sure to check out FMS.


You might already know this about me, but I dislike Outlook (a lot). I appreciate all the bells, whistles, management tools, and opportunities. Unfortunately, it's the app most prone to fail me, and useful help is hard to find. HowTo-Outlook is a good source. Bookmark it. You'll be glad you did.

DataPig Technologies

Mike Alexander (MCAD MVP) offers a unique resource for Excel and Access users and developers. I'm especially fond of his Bacon Bits blog, which he updates a few times a month with interesting techniques and warnings.


I often use other people's techniques to inspire myself. That's why Indezine is one of my favorite sites for discovering new possibilities using PowerPoint. It hasn't been updated in a while, which is a shame, but there's a lot of content to keep you busy for a while.

Get Digital Help

This site is specific to Excel and offers a lot of free content, blog style. Check the Categories tab to get started. You may want to have a snack nearby when you visit the site; you'll be there for a while. It's packed!

The WordMVP Site

This site hosts a compilation of articles by several Word MVPs. It hasn't been updated in a long time (that I can tell), but the content is valid and there's a lot of it.


I'm still a member of the DatabaseAdvisors listserv community. It's my go-to network of experts, and it's open to the public for free.


Good forums are a valuable resource as well. You won't find free content, but you'll find real human beings who can advise you. When you visit for the first time, check out the menus and options. Some of them offer more than forum support. Here are a few good ones to get you started:

And finally...

Before I wind this up, I want say thank you for being such a gracious group of readers over the years. You help one another and when you contact me with questions, you're polite and appreciative. Thank you for your support and generosity of spirit, with each other and with me.

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