There is a world of difference between an intermediate-level resume and that of one geared toward an IT manager or CIO position, and not just in the amount of experience but also in the way information is categorized to the way it is presented visually. Here’s introductory advice, as well as a free tool kit, for creating a killer IT leader resume.


There’s a lot involved in landing an IT leadership job. Before you even put together your resume, you must do some preliminary legwork.

First, it’s important to understand the job market. You must do this first in order to analyze your own skills in relation to what the marketplace requires. To understand the job marketplace, you must gain an understanding of the driving forces in the IT marketplace, the major trends affecting the industry, and what opportunities these trends create for you. Don’t think you already know the answers to these questions; you need to research them and write down the answers to these and any other questions that you think of as you explore the IT market.

Think about the type of information that yields the best results, and grab every information source about IT leaders, and learn to read between the lines. A company in trouble, in transition, or going through a consolidation or merger might be seeking a new CIO. Learn how to interpret the news — a corporate announcement can be the tip-off leading to potential leadership openings in the IT department.

Once you have a handle on what the marketplace wants and needs, compare that to your skill set and your needs and wants. Specifically, what are you looking for in your next role as IT leader, and what can you bring to the table?


  • Size of the target companies
  • Industry vertical(s)
  • Geographic markets
  • Corporate culture and climate
  • Size of the team
  • Number of users of IT
  • Specific technologies

Now you’re ready to begin preparing the resume that will put you in the best light for potential employers. Toward that goal, TechRepublic offer this free special report, Resume Tool Kit for IT Leaders. The report gives you specific, tactical tips for creating the perfect IT leadership resume. Good luck!