A few months back I let folks preview a sci-fi short story of mine called “Victory or Death”. Well, after it got rejected by Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine, I took another look at it and realized that the concept was good, but it needed a major rewrite. Like, the kind of rewrite that would make the new version all but unrecognizable to the old draft. So, I’m putting the old draft up at The Written Weird for posterity’s sake. Take a look, if you like.

Also–to my great surprise–a few people have e-mailed me to say they’d like to look at some of the fiction I write but don’t post to The Written Weird, and a few more have said they’d like alerts when I do publish stuff to my fiction blog. Well, before I go composing some alerts list, I thought I’d put some notions into public domain.

First, I really am a bit reluctant to let work I’m trying to sell out of my sight. It’s a paranoid move, to be sure, but any pro writer would warn you against distributing drafts to people you haven’t met. I have a local writers group I use for feedback on pending work, and it lets me keep control. What I am willing to do is post pending work to The Written Weird for a brief time–say, a week–and then take it back down. During that period, I’d love some feedback, especially of the substantive variety. (“Liked it alot” or “It sucks” is fine, but not very helpful.)

All of which is to say, if anybody wants to know when I’m posting stuff to my fiction blog, comment here or PM me. I’ll add up a little list and send out an e-mail blast when this happens. If luck holds, it will be more often than has occurred in the recent past.