Increasing attention has been drawn to a free software utility that promises to strip down Windows Vista. The software is called vLite, and the final version of vLite 1.1 was released last week.

vLite provides a way to easily remove unwanted components in order to make Vista run faster and to your liking. In fact, the customization happens before the actual installation of Windows Vista. As it is, if you want to make any changes, you’ll have to remake the ISO and reinstall the operating system. This method is much cleaner, not to mention easier and more logical than doing it after installation on every reinstall.

Excerpt from InformationWeek:

vLite allows users to preselect numerous Vista features for automatic removal prior to installing the OS on their personal computers. Among them: Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Viewer, MSN Installer, Wallpapers, SlideShow, Windows Mail and other utilities.

You can visit the vLite Web site here.

Any of you tried out this tool yet?


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