According to a recent warning by the French Health Ministry, people — particularly young people — should avoid excessive cell phone use. While studies haven’t proven any adverse health affects from mobile phones, the ministry recommends using caution (and moderation) when it comes to talking on these handheld devices.

Here’s an excerpt from the story on Reuters:

“As the hypothesis of a risk cannot be entirely excluded, precaution is justified,” the ministry said.

“One should use a mobile phone with good judgment, avoid calling when reception is poor, or during high-speed travel, and finally, keep the telephone away from sensitive areas of the body by using a hands-free kit,” the ministry said.

I completely agree that young people shouldn’t constantly talk on cell phones, but how can you truly measure “excessive” mobile phone use? Is that based on minutes per day, week, or month? I talk on my cell phone quite a bit, so my opinion might be quite different from someone who uses their cell phone sparingly. When it come to cell phones, how do you define excessive use?