So, OK, as a blogger whose emphasis is on career management, I have to tell people how important networking is for their careers. And a big part of networking in the times we’re living in is done online through social media.

And I was on board with LinkedIn (for making business connections), Facebook (for social purposes), and Twitter (for branding purposes). Then along comes Google Plus (which is being touted as almost a requirement for people in my business). You show me the person who has time to maintain all these entities and I’ll show you a person who has been cloned — more than once.

Who can keep track of all the groups and contacts and friends and lists and status updates and profiles and still be able to do anything else in life? (And, again, thank you Google Plus for adding that extra layer of complexity with circles.) I mean, it would help to have some free time to work and actually live a life so you’d have something to put in the update box, wouldn’t it?

By the way, every time I criticize Google on anything, I have that nagging feeling that they’re reading it and adding my name to some kind of hit list. But then, when I think of Google I also picture this guy:

There is a social networking site for everything that exists in this world. And I’m not kidding. All the pro-social media pundits tell us to examine the way we use the tools and that will help us decide which ones to concentrate on. The problem is, every tool one that comes down the pike is touted as the one you have to use to get your brand out. Well, at least for today, I’m branded out. If you want me, you know where to find me.