At its event in Amsterdam, Nokia unveiled its Eco Phone concept — handsets designed with processes that are environment friendly, use renewable energy, and have customizable components.

An excerpt from PC Pro:

The device is a two-part concept, featuring a wearable sensor unit powered by solar cells, which can be customized to fulfill a range of duties.

In one example, Nokia suggests setting it up as a health monitor, with the sensors monitoring heart rate, blood pressure and motion detectors measuring walking pace.

The concept includes usage of printed electronics for the phone hardware and a technique called electrowetting for the display. Also, users will get to choose the components they want on the phone, which helps eliminate bulky gadgets with unused features.

With mobile computing devices predicted to be the next big thing in the personal computing space, it does make sense to spare a thought for ecologically-friendly device manufacturing processes. However, it would only make sense if the concept gets to reality as well.

Will such concepts really see the light of the day, considering the ferocity of competition that is inherent to businesses?