It’s easy to assume that users can solve their own computer problems, but it’s smarter in the long run to build a capable support team. This means finding the right individuals to work the help desk. It also requires developing career paths to keep those team members engaged and motivated. 

These TechRepublic Premium resources will help you manage the hiring process and ensure that your users have the help they need to get the most from applications, cloud services and other IT investments.

6 steps for building an effective help desk

There’s no substitute for a capable help desk team dedicated to assisting end users. If employees struggle to use applications, cloud services, remote connectivity technologies and other important workplace solutions effectively, it’s unlikely companies can achieve a return on these investments. A team of engaged professionals who are motivated to assist others in fulfilling their own roles can be a game changer. This article from TechRepublic Premium explains how to gain such an advantage.

Hiring Kit: Help Desk Support

This resource from TechRepublic Premium provides a framework for finding, recruiting and ultimately hiring the right person for this job. The kit includes a suggested salary range, a job description, desired competencies and interview questions.

Why career road maps attract and retain support technicians

Companies that establish a career path for IT help desk professionals increase the odds of retaining employees and keeping them satisfied. It pays off in the long run to invest time and thoughtful effort into these road maps by reducing turnover and increasing loyalty. This TechRepublic Premium resource provides a comprehensive starting point for this work.

6 tips for structuring after-hours service support

Outsourcing help desk support after normal business hours is the right solution for some companies. In some cases, however, internal resources are the right choice for providing after-hours and holiday support. If you need to staff that service, follow these recommendations to establish a support service that balances company needs with those of employees.