Over the last 12 months TechRepublic journalists have published two dozen in-depth and up-close feature stories — the ones we call ‘cover stories’.

These major pieces are all about our writers taking a deep breath, a step back, and then jumping right on the back of the biggest stories in tech that we can find — and then riding them wherever they go: whether that’s to a boardroom in San Francisco, a World War Two bunker under London, the Kentucky Derby or a mine in the Democrat Republic of Congo. Or even into Steve Jobs’ garage.

Our aim is to explore the most important stories in technology and to give them the time, the words and the pictures they deserve. Along the way we’ve dug into the future of tech in sports, why we love to share cat pictures, and how 3D bioprinting is about to change the future of medicine — and even managed to win an award for our reporting, too.

Our story, Inside the secret digital arms race: Facing the threat of a global cyberwar, won “The Best Overall Information Security Feature Article of the Year” in the BT Information Security Journalism Awards 2014.

Thank you for reading so many of these stories this year and giving us so much positive feedback. These have become the stories that TechRepublic is most known for and are always among our articles that are the most shared and linked across the internet. And, the good news is that we’ve got even more planned for next year.

Below is a list of all 24 of TechRepublic’s cover stories from 2014 — in the order that we published them — for you to enjoy over the holidays.

  1. From Angry Birds to Nokia castaways, Finland’s startup scene has huge ambitions
  2. First came the artists, then came the hackers: The strange history of London’s own Silicon Valley
  3. How Aaron Levie and his childhood friends built Box into a $2 billion business, without stabbing each other in the back
  4. Memes pwn the web: What Lolcatz, Tron Guy, and Doge tell us about ourselves and the future of humanity
  5. Microsoft’s redemption song in Africa: Catalyzing tech revolutions on the world’s least connected continent
  6. How conflict minerals funded a war that killed millions, and why tech giants are finally cleaning up their act
  7. Stadiums race to digitize: How sports teams are scrambling to keep Millennials coming to games
  8. Inside the secret digital arms race: Facing the threat of a global cyberwar
  9. Google’s Fiber lottery: Predicting who’s next and how Google picks winners
  10. World’s largest 4K video screen infuses new flair and tradition into the 140th Kentucky Derby
  11. How big data is going to help feed nine billion people by 2050
  12. The gadget with a conscience: How Fairphone crowdfunded its way to an industry-changing smartphone
  13. Robot restaurants and sci-fi kitchens: How tech is changing the way we eat
  14. How the ‘PayPal Mafia’ redefined success in Silicon Valley
  15. The mad scientists of 3D printing: How MadeSolid is remixing the formula
  16. New 3D bioprinter to reproduce human organs, change the face of healthcare: The inside story
  17. How SwiftKey built the world’s smartest keyboard and soared to the top of the app economy
  18. AI destroys more jobs than it creates: What that means and how to stop it
  19. We-commerce: The sharing economy’s uncertain path to changing the world
  20. How a tiny fishing village became the gadget factory of the world, and why that’s just the beginning of its ambitions
  21. Cloud sounds: What the latest tech revolution means for the future of making music
  22. Apple’s first employee: The remarkable odyssey of Bill Fernandez
  23. The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it
  24. How tech companies are propelling the environmental movement, and why it’s time to do more

Because we love in-depth journalism, we also made a list of the 12 best in-depth tech stories of 2014 from around the web.