From the forums: User can't open files in Outlook 2000

Have you ever had trouble opening files in Office 2000? One TechRepublic member had such a problem—and she found a solution in the TechRepublic Forums.

Recently, TechRepublic member Louise posted a question about opening files in Outlook 2000. She anted up 700 TechPoints for an answer that would help with her problem.

Outlook 2000 doesn’t want to cooperate
Louise posted the following question in the NetAdmin Republic’s Office 2000 Forum:

“The user is running Win98SE and, when trying to open Outlook 2000, receives a message that the file cannot be accessed because another process has locked a portion of the file. The files are accessed via peer-to-peer network on another machine. All programs appear to be closed; but each time an attempt is made to open Outlook, another session of Outlook is started. However, the screen always appears to have closed. A clean boot doesn't help. We cannot copy or rename the file or access it from any other program. Suggestions?”

And the TechPoints go to…
Louise awarded the 700 TechPoints to TechRepublic member Calves for posting an answer that helped resolve the situation. To see Calves' solution, visit the post located in the Office 2000 Forum.

Answering questions gets you TechPoints
Just in case you didn't know, you earn TechPoints while you use and peruse the TechRepublic site. And, when you post a question in one of the TechRepublic Forums, you get to designate a certain amount of your points to be awarded as a prize to whoever correctly answers your question. To find out how many TechPoints you currently have, just click the MyTechPoints link in the left navigation bar.
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