From the Forums: WINS solution requires a reinstall

Found a problem you can't solve? You may want to check out our Forums. That's what TechRepublic member Jimmy did when he couldn't solve a WINS issue, and another member had the answer.

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The quandary
Jimmy, a TechRepublic member, recently posted a note in the NetAdmin Republic Forums seeking assistance with a WINS Server manager issue he was experiencing. Here’s his post:

I am having a WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service) nightmare with a 75 percent failure rate of WINS queries on the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) and 90 percent on the BDC (Backup Domain Controller). I tried to replace the WINS database, but that produced the same failure rates. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the service, but that did not seem to work either.

At the same time, I am having difficulty with the BDC on my WAN. It is grayed out in the server manager of the PDC.

Any suggestions?

The solution
TechRepublic member Calves wrote in with the answer. Here’s the reply, which was worth 150 TechPoints:

There is a particular way to uninstall and then reinstall WINS. For example, you might want to check to make sure you deleted the WINS folder after you uninstalled it. The next time you install WINS, the installation will stop and you can create another empty WINS folder. The installation will then finish by populating it.

The grayed out situation also has to do with your WINS. You should perform a reboot on the machine to fix it. You know NT; it has to be rebooted every 15 days or it has problems. I have my server reboot religiously every 15 days. It just performs better and does not give me as many fits. Make sure that when you reboot the machine from the PDC, you synchronize the domain and allow a little time for the machines to update.
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