Image: GettyImages/10’000 Hours

The Great Resignation has not slowed down, and the demand for programmers is as high as ever. 

How do you find the best programmer for your company. To start, companies need a strong hiring strategy to find and successfully hire the right people. Hiring managers and human resources leaders must be organized and thorough to respond to the changing needs of digital transformation projects.

These hiring kits, from TechRepublic Premium, cover the entire process from determining the right salary through creating a thorough programmer job description to interview questions. Check out the resources below to boost your chances of finding the right programmer for your company.

Hiring kit: Game Engine Programmer

Game Engine Programmers must have a strong technical foundation for low-level CPU and GPUcoding and interfacing. This technical skillset separates Game Engine Programmers from

other developers. The hiring kit for this role has five parts that you can customize to fit your needs and ensure that you find the right person for the job. 

Hiring Kit: Mainframe Systems Programmer

Mainframe System Programmers implement and maintain an organization’s servers, as well as perform updates and routine maintenance on the mainframe computer to keep everything running smoothly. This hiring kit will help you identify the most important personality traits and technical skillsets for the role. 

Hiring Kit: Video Game Programmer

Coding a video game requires a thorough knowledge of programming languages, game engines, APIs and the creative assets that power the game. These programmers need to be nimble and ready to work long hours as well. This hiring kit from TechRepublic Premium is the perfect starting point for customizing the hiring process to fit your company’s particular needs.