“If you can make yourself into that multi skilled unicorn, front or back end, you can make yourself indispensable,” according to Jeffrey Hammond, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

At Dreamforce 2017, Hammond explained what developers need to know to be successful in the future of enterprise tech. The most important part to finding a developer job is to first determine how your own personal interests align in the tech space, he said.

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In a recent study, Forrester Research found that organizations don’t necessarily want to hire full stack developers, or developers that span from front to back. “We see that these digital organizations want to have more say over the front end,” he said. “They want to the control the pixels, they want to control the customer experience, and they are demanding technologies.”

To continue the customer focus in the future, augmented reality skills, and Edge capabilities will be in high demand to connect products to the experience.

“I just think there’s way too much for any single developer to know,” he said. Developers should first decide whether they would prefer to work on the front or back end. Hammond added that there is still a need for Java and .net developers in the backend, or if developers are interested in customer experience, there are many ways to lean towards front end development, particularly in the design realm.

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