Fujitsu announced that its power efficient 2.5-inch SATA mobile HDD with 320 GB capacity will be available by February next year. Also, Micron technologies will be introducing its line of Solid State Drives by mid-2008.

Fujitsu’s power efficient mobile hard disk

An excerpt from TechWorld:

The 2.5-in., 5,400 rpm, 3 Gbit/s Serial ATA drive will be available next February, according to Fujitsu officials. Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing and business development at Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc., a unit of Tokyo-based Fujitsu, declined to disclose pricing plans for the new drive.

Fujitsu’s MHZ2 BH mobile hard disk achieves power efficiency by managing power consumption during idle and sleep states. The drive is its third offering after 250 GB and 160 GB versions. Power efficient drives have also been offered by Western Digital and Toshiba.

Micron’s forays into SSD

An excerpt from PC World:

Micron’s new RealSSD hard drive, announced at an event in San Francisco, will come in sizes of 1.8-inches and 2.5-inches with storage capacities of 32 G bytes and 64 G bytes. Micron also announced embedded SSD modules for blade servers with storage capacities of 1 G byte to 8 G bytes.

Advantages of solid state technology-based drives include lesser weight, power efficiency, and the absence of moving parts, which increases their resistance to shock and rough handling. But the price-per-gigabyte is where magnetic drives rule over SSD, with just 0.2$ to 0.3$ as compared to 7$ to 10$ for SSD.

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