The coronavirus pandemic has made living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices the main workspaces for business professionals. The majority (61%) of the global workforce is now remote, 53% of which started doing so since the onset of COVID-19, according to Salesforce Research’s Tableau interactive dashboard.

Remote work comes with its own obstacles, however. Being outside of the office walls means data and connection aren’t as secure, communication can be more difficult, and distractions are everywhere.

One component employees shouldn’t have to worry about is power. Keeping devices charged should be easier than ever at home, because you aren’t competing for outlets as you might be in an office. To ensure devices are always charged, however, the following seven pieces of furniture, equipped with USB ports, can help.

1. TEMPUR-Ergo® Power Base bed frame

Image: Tempur-Pedic

While you recharge, your phone can, too. The TEMPUR-Ergo power base bed frame features USB ports on the side of the power base. Along with the charging outlets, the frame also has a QuietMode, a setting that tilts your mattress to an “anti-snore” position, and the Zero Gravity preset, which simulates weightlessness and elevates your head and feet.

2. Gemma nightstand

Image: Wayfair

The Gemma nightstand has a sleek design, equipped with a cabinet, shelf, and built-in USB port. Users can leave their phone on the nightstand to charge overnight, without being tethered to an inconvenient outlet in the wall across the room. The table comes in gray, black, blue, red, and white.

3. Writing desk

Image: The Home Depot

A chic edition to your home office, this writing desk (assembly required) comes with a keyboard tray and four shelves for storage. On the right side of the desk is a power supply that includes USB ports and an AC plug-in unit, allowing for convenient charging of your laptop and phone.

4. Printer stand

Image: Target

This printer stand has more than meets the eye. While it looks like a simple table, it comes with two built-in 110V power outlets and two charging ports. Not only could you plug your printer directly into the table, but you could also plug in your phone and computer. The slim design makes it fit seamlessly into any home office.

5. Table lamp

Image: Wayfair

This table lamp is both fashionable and functional. It would make a great bedside lamp, or living room table lamp. It features a USB port and regular power outlet, allowing for easy charging capabilities.

6. Desk lamp

Image: Wayfair

This desk lamp is a more affordable, but effective, investment for remote workers wanting a functional charging mechanism. The Ailey desk lamp comes with a USB port and regular power outlet, while also providing storage for pens and pencils, sticky notes, and other small office items.

7. Decorative planter

Image: Wayfair

For working professionals wanting to add a little greenery to the office, this power planter features a realistic faux plant, with four USB ports in the back of the base. The item boasts a super fast charge, claiming to charge items 75% faster than conventional chargers.