Warning - Antimatter!Found on New Scientist via Warren Ellis: Antimatter and matter combine in chemical reaction.

“Mixing antimatter and matter usually has predictably violent consequences – the two annihilate one another in a fierce burst of energy.

“But physicists in Geneva have found a new way to make the two combine, at least briefly, into a single substance. This exceptionally unstable stuff, made of protons and antiprotons, is called protonium.

“The feat of ‘antichemistry‘ actually took place back in 2002, but nobody had realised it until now. It happened in an experiment at the CERN particle physics lab, when both antiprotons and positrons – which have the same mass as electrons but an opposite charge – were put into the same magnetic cage. Some of them combined to make antihydrogen, which was the original aim of the experiment.

“Now it seems that the same setup also produced a more peculiar, hybrid kind of matter, according to an analysis of the pattern of particle shrapnel flying out of the experiment.”

You know, that’s got to be a bittersweet moment for the uber-physicists that ran the experiment. They accidentally violated a fundamental principle of particle physics (Hooray!) but didn’t realize it for an entire election cycle (D’oh!). I mean, you expect this kind of retro-discovery from astronomers, but from the atom-smasher set? Get it together, people!