Future of IT Work: Can people keep up with innovation?

86% of IT professionals worry their organization is falling behind, compared to more innovative teams, leading to a demand for Agents of Transformation.

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Successful businesses are the those embracing digital change, but many organizations feel like their IT teams can't keep up with the pace of technological change, according AppDynamics' Agents of Transformation Report released on Thursday. In fact, only 22% of global technologists feel their companies are prepared to take on the challenge, said the Thursday press release.

In order to keep up with an ever-evolving tech market, a new breed of technologists take the reigns, according to the release. This new technologist or, Agents of Transformation, have the attitude and qualities necessary to drive innovation, improve customer engagement, and motivate business outcomes, said the release. Today, only 9% of tech leaders are Agents of Transformation, added the report.

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However, if companies want to remain competitive in the next 10 years, at least 45% of their technologists must be acting as Agents of Transformation, said the report. This role isn't something that technologists have time to learn and adopt, rather, technologists need to step up to the plate and assume the position.

"Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and it often sees technologists being pushed outside of their comfort zone in order to keep pace. Taking risks and being willing to try new things is key to transforming the companies we work for, and the industries we work in," said Nicolas Matelot, DevOps Manager at La Poste, in the release. "Agents of Transformation require the will, the confidence and the motivation to make bold decisions and change the future of our companies. The success of those decisions will be our legacy."

Becoming an Agent of Transformation isn't very difficult, said the report, especially with how passionate techies are about their work. In fact, 71% of technologists deeply care about how technology is helping the world evolve, and 69% want their careers to leave a positive, long-lasting impact, said the release. Additionally, 96% of technologists are excited about the prospect of becoming an Agent of Transformation.

Many barriers do exist externally when trying to become an Agent of Transformation though, added the release; the majority (86%) of IT professionals feel like their teams are lagging behind in innovative thinking and skills. Also, 55% of respondents don't feel like forward-thinking is a quality often exuded in their companies, said the report.

All of the factors, however, are cause and effect: Change and digital transformation are vital to the future of a company, so companies should focus on finding new hires that match the qualities of an Agent of Transformation. Or, if a company has employees with the right qualities, it is the organization's responsibility to push their employees to use those qualities more.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • In order to keep up with a constantly innovating tech world, companies must embrace digital transformations. -- AppDynamics, 2018
  • Adopting digital transformations requires technologists to drive the movement, meaning employees need to become Agents of Transformation in order to evolve. -- AppDynamics, 2018

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