In this era of fast-paced, always-on enterprise
connections, secure remote access to the servers is essential. Windows
2003 incorporates a set of features that simplify the configuration
and management
of secure remote access.

Download “Windows
Server 2003 Remote Access Overview”
to get a rundown of the
access server features in Windows Server 2003. The IT white paper
explains how
Windows Server 2003 provides a remote access server that supports both
and virtual private network (VPN) connections. Also included are a set
features that provide flexibility and security for your remote access

In addition to exploring remote access protocols, the IT
white paper
reviews the various forms of security available to
administrators of Windows Server 2003 systems, including:

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Network Access Quarantine Control
  • Data encryption
  • Packet filtering for VPN remote access

Of particular interest to network administrators in large
enterprise configurations will be the features associated with the
Server 2003 Connection Manager. The IT white paper explains benefits
of the
Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) for deploying profiles
that will
automatically establish VPN connection configurations for your users.

Using the integrated tools provided by Windows Server 2003
Remote Access, network administrators can manage enterprise data
securely and efficiently no matter where they may be physically
Download the “Windows
Server 2003 Remote Access Overview”
IT whitepaper from
and take advantage of these advanced features.