Gartner analyst Donna Scott answers your questions about managing end-to-end IT services

The viability of today's enterprise largely depends upon the consistent delivery of high-quality IT services. In this moderated discussion, Gartner analyst Donna Scott offers tips on how to monitor and manage the full scope of your IT operation.

With an integral dependency on IT, lines of business have an urgent need for consistent, predictable, high-quality IT services in order to properly serve their external constituents (e.g., customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees).

Ideally, quality of service can be provisioned at various price points (such as premium vs. regular gasoline), and it should be in IT as well. The complexity of the distributed-computing environment and the variable growth inherent to the Internet environment, however, often make achieving consistent, high-quality IT services difficult.

High quality implies that the service is well managed to meet the service goals, which are stated in the form of service level agreements (SLAs) between consumers and suppliers of IT. Measurable service goals translate business vision and goals into performance measures and expectations that can be used to measure and manage the level of progress toward those goals. This is true for both in-house and outsourced IT services.

At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in May, Gartner analyst Donna Scott will deliver a presentation focusing on the need for end-to-end IT service metrics and the critical success factors necessary to achieve them, with recommendations for specific metrics that enterprises should adopt.

This week, she’ll answer your questions on these topics by participating in the moderated discussion below.
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End-to-end management key questions
Donna Scott’s presentation focuses on a number of questions central to a successful end-to-end management program, including:
  • Are your critical business processes dependent on IT services to achieve competitive advantage?
  • Do you use business and IT performance metrics to improve business processes and add value to the business?
  • Do you set goals for and measure end-to-end IT services such as business-critical application/service availability and performance?
  • Do you manage in-house and outsourced IT services with SLAs?
  • Does your enterprise have a service management organization inside IT responsible for negotiating SLAs and managing internal and external relationships?
  • Do your business-critical application services achieve end-to-end availability above 99 percent (less than 87 hours/year in unplanned downtime)?

Discuss these questions with Donna Scott
How might these questions apply to your IT strategy? To find out more about end-to-end IT service metrics, post your questions for Donna Scott below, and join our discussion with Scott and fellow members of TechRepublic. She'll be checking in on the conversation to share her thoughts and expertise. Click here for the TechRepublic moderated discussion participation guide.

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