When deciding on mission-critical issues, such as application customization and integration or vendor selection and support, a little expert advice can go a long way to clarify the confusion surrounding an application rollout. Each week, TechRepublic invites members to submit their questions on enterprise application vendor selection and product integration. This week’s questions deal with topics such as data retrieval from Oracle PayRoll, Computer Associates’ interBiz, and electronic data interchange (EDI).

Help! I can’t retrieve data from Oracle PayRoll
Have you implemented Oracle PayRoll but are having trouble retrieving information from the application? Gartner analyst Timothy Tow outlines a third-party business intelligence solution that can do the job.

Will Computer Associates (CA) make the transition to e-business?
Gartner research director, Robert Anderson, sounds off on Computer Associates’ interBiz applications and the vendor’s strategy to integrate interBiz into third-party applications.

Ask your question

Each week, analysts from industry-leading research firms, including Gartner and other TechRepublic partners, field questions from readers interested in cutting-edge topics such as data formats, nonlinear supply chains, and customer relationship management. Any site visitor can pose questions to our featured analysts by filling out our simple form and clicking the Submit button.

Will off-the-shelf solutions meet your customer relationship management (CRM) needs?
Leveraging Web-based customer information with traditional brick-and-mortar business intelligence presents several obstacles to capturing a complete customer profile. In addition to CRM integration issues, Gartner analyst Scott Nelson discusses the future of real-time CRM solutions and the impact that the major enterprise resource planning (ERP) players will have on the CRM market.

Don’t write off electronic data interchange and legacy systems yet
Gartner analyst Karen Peterson fields questions on the fate of EDI, the importance of a federated data model, and the possibility of tying in a Web-based supply chain system with a legacy system.