Gartner forecasts an increase in IT equipment purchases for enterprises

An increase in IT equipment purchases means admins will have more assets to track, assign, and reassign. A smart enterprise will have a policy in place to cover that.


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For most enterprises participating in knowledge-based industries, the largest expenses can be directly traced to information technology systems and equipment. Even in a business environment that depends on mobility, there is a continuous need for PCs, tablets, printers, and other computing devices and peripherals. Keeping track of all that IT equipment requires a strategy and the resources to bring it to fruition.

And if the forecasts are to be believed, tracking all those enterprise IT assets is only going to get more difficult in the near future. For example, in October 2017, Gartner forecast that worldwide shipments of PCs, tablets, and smartphones combined will exceed 2.35 billion units in 2018, which translates to an increase of 2% over what it predicted for 2017. As this new IT equipment enters the enterprise, IT administrators and other managers will have to work particularly hard to track usage, implement maintenance schedules, and maximize product lifecycles.

To get the most out of their investment, well-managed enterprises will establish procedures and policies that guide IT personnel on the assigning and reassigning of equipment to employees. Whether employees leave the organization completely or just change positions from within, the equipment they were using must be scrubbed of sensitive data and then reassigned to the next employee.

From a strategic perspective, reassigning equipment to new employees may seem a bit mundane, but it is a vital part of IT administration. If your enterprise is performing this vital task without a plan or policy, it is operating at a disadvantage. The Equipment Reassignment Policy offered to Tech Pro Research subscribers is a good place to start if you want to remedy that management deficit.

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By Mark Kaelin

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