Beginning today, GartnerGroup will hold its Spring Symposium/ITxpo 2000 in San Diego. The conference, one of the most highly regarded in the industry, features Gartner analysts offering the latest IT information to IT professionals.

The Spring Symposium runs through Thursday and features 130 strategic technology sessions led by Gartner analysts and other speakers, such as:

  • Paul Sagan, president and CEO, Akamai
  • Paul Chellgren, vice president for Business Development and Product Management, Americas Region of Nokia Mobile Phones
  • Benjamin Linder, vice president of marketing at

Here are some of the issues coming out of this week’s conference, as characterized by GartnerGroup:


Fierce competition in the retail segment will be the key inhibitor to the adoption of a single marketplace. Because retailing is very competitive, online marketplaces will have difficulty attracting competing retailers because some retailers will not want to expose data, or suppliers, to their competitors.


GartnerGroup suggests that “companies continue to try to find new ways to increase efficiencies with their bill payment processes, and many businesses are beginning to see the benefits the Internet offers for business-to-business (B2B) billing.”

A recent GartnerGroup survey of 173 businesses found that the Internet is quickly surpassing electronic data interchange (EDI) as the transaction medium of choice for B2B invoice transactions. EDI accounts for 56 percent of all B2B electronic invoice volume, while the Internet accounts for just 8.6 percent. By 2002, these two transaction methods will virtually equalize with EDI accounting for 40 percent of the traffic and the Internet accounting for 39 percent.


The application service provider (ASP) market is characterized by numerous entrants with incoherent marketing messages that are continuously expanding the scope of their services and partnerships. It more closely resembles a fractured, fragmented free-for-all environment rather than a controlled-chaos environment. However, the ASP market will change significantly through 2002 as some first movers solidify their positions, while others are acquired by larger NSPs and ESPs or simply fail due to unprofitable business models.

The Spring Symposium also comes on the heels of Gartner’s acquisition last month of TechRepublic. The year marks the first time that TechRepublic is partnering with Gartner to feature TechRepublic features and content.

For more information on the Spring Symposium/Itxpo, check out GartnerGroup’s Web site.