Bill Gates is now pitching Microsoft products with the help of Jerry Seinfeld. Bill’s no stranger to the acting stage though. Here’s an ad he did  in the 90s for Coke.


The Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ads have certainly gotten some attention lately, even if they haven’t made much sense yet. The first one was bizarre, but the second one seems much funnier. Hopefully it’s the start of a good trend. For $300 million, they better get SOMETHING out of the deal.

This video shows that Bill Gates is used to a little bit of self-deprecating humor in the face of pitching a product. Filmed in the mid-90s this one features Bill pitching a product other than his own, in this case Coca-Cola. However, if you pay attention, you’ll see a Windows 95 screen saver. Plus, at the beginning it looks like he’s working on an Excel spreadsheet.

I guess if Bill winds up needing some money now that he’s in retirement, he can always take up acting as a career.