On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect, strengthening privacy and security requirements for any company that does business with EU citizens.

In order to help business leaders get informed, prepare for, and comply with the EU’s data privacy regulation, TechRepublic and sister sites ZDNet and Tech Pro Research have done extensive coverage of the GDPR and its potential implications. The following list of must-read articles and downloads from all three sites detail what you need to know about the GDPR. For more news and tips, check out all of TechRepublic’s content about the GDPR.

GDPR articles from TechRepublic

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): A cheat sheet
If you need a primer on GDPR, this cheat sheet should be your first resource. It explains what the GDPR is, why it matters, who it will affect, and what the key provisions are in the law.

Time is running out on GDPR compliance: Find out if you’re affected
This article contains a helpful flowchart that will help you determine whether your business is affected by the GDPR, and if so, what policies are needed to bring your organization into compliance.

Microsoft hired a data protection officer to comply with GDPR: Should your company do the same?
Under certain circumstances, the GDPR requires businesses to hire a data protection officer. Microsoft recently announced their pick for DPO. Here’s why your enterprise should consider doing the same.

As GDPR looms, 60% of global enterprises still don’t properly tag sensitive data
A report from from AvePoint and the Centre for Information Policy Leadership revealed that many companies are unsure about how sensitive and confidential stored within their organization is used or treated. This article provides more details about the findings.

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61% of professionals worried about GDPR impact on recruiting and hiring
According to a recent survey, professionals are concerned about how the GDPR will affect the maintenance and storage of job candidates’ records. Selecting compliant software vendors is also a concern. Read more of the details in this article.

65% of organizations will fail to meet critical GDPR compliance by deadline
Meeting the May deadline to comply with the GDPR is a growing concern for many organizations. This article gives further details about the concerns.

GDPR: Regulatory compliance is just the beginning
In a video interview with TechRepublic, Box’s managing director of global legal services talks about the consequences for businesses that don’t comply with GDPR, and the need for ongoing compliance after the initial deadline.

Microsoft 365 adds data protection tools to help customers remain GDPR compliant
This article explains how Microsoft’s compliance management tools can help businesses understand their position with regard to the regulation.

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GDPR downloads from Tech Pro Research (available to subscribers)

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance checklist
This handy checklist will help you get a baseline assessment of your company’s preparedness for the new regulation.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy
This policy will help your business develop a plan to comply with the GDPR requirements and avoid potential fines associated with violations.

GDPR articles from ZDNet

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know about the new general data protection regulations
This article is a quick reference guide to GDPR. It defines what qualifies as personal data under the regulation, explains how Brexit plays into the situation, and summarizes the changes in store for business and consumers.

GDPR: These are the organisations which are least prepared
Media and retail organizations are the least likely to be ready to comply with the GDPR. This article has more details on the Forrester research findings.