Most workers in the U.S. receive a 3 to 4 percent pay increase every year. But a few industry experts contend that some IT pros should demand as much as a 40 percent pay raise.

If you are skilled in hot technologies such as Java programming, Oracle, or network engineering, you’re armed with powerful ammunition to use during your negotiations. Experienced workers in these areas are nearly impossible to replace.

But you don’t have to be an SAP expert to bargain for a better salary during your review. The unemployment rate has reached one of the lowest levels in the last five years. So just about any skilled IT worker falls into the “difficult to replace” category. In most cases, it’s much more costly for your employer to hire your replacement than to increase your income.

Our resource document “Get the money you deserve: How to negotiate a pay raise” provides information from industry experts, as well as advice from IT pros who describe their own success stories. Obviously, you’ll have to determine which suggestions will work in your unique situation. Even if you have always been uncomfortable talking about money, this report will likely inspire you to create a negotiation strategy and go for it.

Learn what’s working in the real world
In a recent TechRepublic article, we invited IT pros to share advice about what’s worked for them during salary negotiations. We’ve compiled the best tips into this download. A few of the letters we received described rather unusual techniques. For instance, one senior consultant created a PowerPoint presentation that described why she deserved a raise. The presentation paid off—management agreed to an 11 percent pay hike.

We’d like to thank every TechRepublic member who contributed to this report. As promised in our previous article, we’re awarding a TechRepublic golf shirt and a gift certificate to online bookseller Fatbrain to the reader who provided the most innovative idea. Due to confidentiality concerns, we won’t reveal this reader’s name. You’ll have to take our word for it—this reader improved his bottom line and then won a few prizes from TechRepublic for sharing his success story.
Help us make this download even better. If you have a killer suggestion that helped you bring home even more bacon, share it with us! Just post a comment below or send us a note. We’ll update the download to include more tips and advice.