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If you have a parent on your holiday shopping list, the Flip MinoHD is sure to please — it’s lightweight, easy to use, and the built-in USB connectivity gives it just enough geek allure to make our geeky gadgets list. Plus, the Flip MinoHD is quite small, making it easy to carry everywhere, in your bag or in your pocket.

Product features

  • Available in 8G (120 minute recording time) and 4G (60 minute recording time)
  • Cost: 8G price is $229.99; 4G price is $199.99
  • Colors: Available in black or silver, or you can customize your own at the Flip Video Store
  • Screen size: 2.0″ diagonal (8G); 1.5″ diagonal (4G)
  • Resolution: 960 x 240 pixels (8G); 528 x 132 pixels (4G)
  • Transflective TFT
  • Ultra low light sensitivity
  • Automatic low light detection
  • 30 frames per second
  • Automatic white balance and black calibration
  • Fixed focus lens
  • 2x digital zoom
  • Internal lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Up to two hours of recording time per full battery charge
  • Auto shut-off to save battery life
  • Pause/Fast Forward/Rewind
  • Play All
  • Set Date/Time
  • Built-in USB, speaker, and microphone
  • Additional accessories are available

What I like

The Flip MinoHD features a small size, easy to maneuver menus, and intuitive software that makes it a breeze to share videos; you can even create your own private Flip channel for uploading videos. If you have an iPhone, there is an app that allows you to access your Flip channel from your iPhone and watch your videos from anywhere. Also, the power-on time is fast (about four seconds), making it easy to catch even unexpected moments.

What I don’t like

The Flip MinoHD has a relatively short battery life, and you have to connect to a computer to recharge, unless you also buy the $24.99 power adapter. Unlike the Flip Ultra, regular AA batteries cannot be substituted in the Mino.

Geek bottom line

The Flip MinoHD is a great little camcorder. The functionality is perfect for people who want to document life without getting too technical, and the size makes it easier than most camcorders to carry and maneuver. I do prefer the Flip UltraHD, mainly because of the battery life, but the Mino is considerably smaller and, therefore, more pocket friendly.

Check out our Flip MinoHD camcorder photo gallery for a closer look at this geek gift.

Geek gift score (out of 5)

  • Fun factor: ****
  • Geek factor: **
  • Value: *****
  • Overall: *****