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The Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 is a small, pocket camcorder designed to make taking videos easier. Available in silver, orange, and eggplant, it retails for approximately $150 USD.

This is a neat little camera. The lens swivels so you can record at multiple angles, including recording yourself while you hold the camera. You do have to swivel the lens to an open position in order to turn the camera on, which is pointless if you just want to watch your videos. It features low-light and bright functionality, and it can be easily used to take photos, as well as video recordings.

The Sony Webbie does not feature much internal storage space, so you must purchase an additional memory card. Also, it does not have a built-in USB plug; you have to use the mini USB cable that comes in the package. The speakers are very quiet, which is a problem if you want to watch and hear recordings right on the camera. And, for all of the camera’s menu options, the menu is difficult to navigate, meaning you can’t change settings quickly and easily when necessary.

What I like

  • Small size
  • HD recording

What I don’t like

  • The swivel lens
  • The need to keep up with yet another cable in my life
  • Speaker sound quality is too quiet
  • Menus are very difficult to navigate

Geek bottom line

I don’t know that I would use this camcorder very much even if it were a gift. I prefer the Flip pocket camcorder to the Sony Webbie, even though the Flip has fewer features.

Check out our Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 HD camcorder photo gallery for a closer look at this geek gift.

Geek gift score (out of 5)

  • Fun factor: *
  • Geek factor: *
  • Value: ***
  • Overall: **